First blog post

In this garden of life, I trace footsteps of my master who reached the core amongst myriad hues. In this voyage I carry a tiny basket, to store the things of beauty- a twig, a pebble, a flower or a breeze.

I sit under the free sky and preserve these things through poems and stories, for at times when black clouds drape the serene skies I look into my basket and trudge on with smile on lips.

Truly, a thing of beauty is joy forever.



Pens and Paints

Yesterday I went with anticipation

to my lover’s place beyond white clouds.

Carried a broad book full of empty pages

and never ending ink of admiration.

She sat in lawn petting peacocks blue,

I was mesmerised by her elegant grace.

Dropped the book and ran to her

while my eyes brimmed with joyful tears.

Today with better determined heart

went to her lovely abode in rain pouring,

holding brushes and colours for painting

her ever elegant figure on canvas great.

Her enthralling violin recital

filled the air with love unheard of.

Throwing materials onto rocks of crystal

I rested on her lap till the day went off.

Now I just drink her nectarine presence

dressed in orange like a warm fire of love,

with hands empty and thoughts kind.

Can I ever describe someone who has no end?


I look at the setting sun morbid

and wonder why does a day ever end.

A wise owl hoots happily at stars

that brightens world with infinite smiles.

Sitting in hospital with cloud of doubt

I hung my head down with sadness unfelt.

A new born’s cry amidst the silence

makes strangers sigh with relief at innocence.

Dear every end of a lane is a new start

ever dark alley will be filled with daylight.

Past beauty may never again be ours,

but future holds unseen wonders.

Now I sit with light dying out of body

yet smile plays on mouth once busy.

Make them proud

I climbed mountains high

dived deep into oceans blue

for that approval of society vile,

I made them proud without a sigh.

I hid my dance moves from all

busy working in squares never wanted.

O lord ! silly to look for life peaceful

while I built dark walls never desired.

Now l start to walk on golden sands

and sit under a tree splendid green.

I now live in wilderness not for others,

but to make myself proud under sky clean.

I paint on canvases never seen by others,

sing tunes never heard by another ears.

I live life in my own little simple world,

none to judge nor to make anyone proud.

Lucky Tom

Tom has no legs since birth

but he never lost his childish mirth,

he sang in choir in baritone

never for once did he ever curse.

Tom’s dad lost his only job

while he dropped out of day school.

But you can see him in t shirt cool,

humming tunes of joy not sob.

When asked by others about his smile,

he shrugged and told with silly glee,

” I am still present in this game of life

nothing to worry till I sit and die.”

Tom died alone a few years later,

while he was praying near altar calm.

His statue now stands at city centre,

etched with his name ‘The lucky Tom’.

Silent speeches

I blush when you appear on scene

and hide behind the clamouring crowd.

There you walk with celestial grace

smiling at few and making everyone proud.

My joy knows no bounds when you sing

every song my favourite and never bored

your voice is my elixir that never sting

and you my never ending fantasy buried.

We never talked in words or codes

but once a while our eyes meet afar

and in that moment speech fails

while we dance alone in a flying car.

The show ends as the sun rises

crowd dispersed back to the routines.

We hold hands and walk back home

in silence, for we never parted once.

Happy viewing

Stand back four feet now

and look at the view around.

Darling, don’t worry of roads ahead

love this view from the first row.

Don’t merge into all the scenes

rather sit and see as it unfolds,

smiling with ease at all the hurdles

for you are viewer with no losses.

Jump right in when you love ,

cry ,dance and laugh with heart full.

When bored or worry too much, smile

and sit on mental couch making all null.

At first we may stutter and stammer

but with habit we make a great viewer,

who knows when to calm down.

Let’s hold hands and watch this town.

Happy viewing!!!


Wind was blowing hard

on our faces near the edge of hill,

“Will you jump with me lord?”

I asked lover with my weakening will.

He was tall and slender dressed in yellow

while I clutched his hand in a pink dress.

He averted his eyes to stars shining low

while I felt each second passed, a curse.

He finally smiled at me with certainty

and slipped a stray strand behind my ear

“Dearest I am willing to fall for eternity

for nothing else is never ever near.”

I looked with love deep into his eyes

and find myself in his clear soft glance.

We kiss and hold hands for one last time,

we fall laughing far from glorious heavens.

– Eve