First blog post

In this garden of life, I trace footsteps of my master who reached the core amongst myriad hues. In this voyage I carry a tiny basket, to store the things of beauty- a twig, a pebble, a flower or a breeze.

I sit under the free sky and preserve these things through poems and stories, for at times when black clouds drape the serene skies I look into my basket and trudge on with smile on lips.

Truly, a thing of beauty is joy forever.



Nothing Here

Raj was sitting with trepidation on a rotating chair in Vizag Mental Hospital. Before readers judge him , I would like to make it clear that he isn’t mad (not yet) and he had come to the hospital , to meet his uncle’s friend, who is a psychiatrist.

Life had handled him recently a raspberry and also delivered a right hook in his solar plexus.

So as expected, Raj let his hair grow wild, beard shabby and his body thin.

“Hi dear…” greeted lady in doctor’s apron.

Raj being a teenager blushed at sight of this beautiful lady and murmured in language known to none.

“Well ..well…busy day it is. My name is Tara and you are…”

“Raj…my uncle Damodar sent me…..for…”

“Oh! Damo’s boy!! How is the old man doing? Up and about as always?” Tara chirped like a cheerfull bird.

If there is one thing that hurts a person in sadness more than his sadness is another’s happiness and Raj at that moment was feeling like a witch whose wand was broken and others are having jolly good time creating rabbits.

“Er…I guess so…”

“Anyways, you aren’t here to tell me about your uncle…are you?”

“Er…actually I was forced to meet you…”

“I know it me, this emotional blackmail by parents..scan the bags right!!!”

Raj smiled hesitantly and relaxed a bit.

“Ok…I guess let me start by starting when I became this haggard the horrible…” started Raj feeling a bit shy and an urge to pour out his sadness to that happy face.

“Hmm..actually kid, not required. I know what happened….You ‘loved’ someone and that someone ‘loved’ you too…and few weeks back she dumped you like a spoilt salmond….and to add to it she is now roaming with your best friend….did I miss anything?” completed Tara with a bewitching smile.

Raj gaped at her like a donkey that forget it’s power to use jaws.

“How…did you know…did my parents…”

“Take a chill pill kiddo, it’s the stuff that happens all the time to everyone.” Tara replied looking at her untrimmed fingernails.

“But she is…..”

“Special….perfect…soulmate….” smiled Tara.

“And that Kiran..I have known him for…”

“Nine years? Ten years?…” Tara finished his sentence.

Tears dropped heavily from Raj’s eyes and he closed his eyes with bitterness written all over his visage.

“Buddy” Tara tapped gently on his hand,” See there is nothing here…it’s all mess and everyone knows  it.”

“God is not fair.” whispered Raj

“Well, that’s racist comment but I will pass it. Let me read out a poem I had written a while back:

Nothing here, neither freinds nor foes

There is no hearts of gold or eyes of stars

There is no sorrow nor joy

all that is here, is your journey

and it is what you make it….”

Raj looked at her with a smile for the poem is pretty bad on many counts.

Tara smiled , ” Well, it’s work in progress but you got the message right. It doesn’t matter if you  write well or not as long as you don’t stop writing.”

Raj wiped the tears and nodded his head.

“Thank you so much doctor, you made my day.”

“You made mine too.” replied Tara with a sly smile.

“I didn’t get you?”

Tara got up abruptly saying, “I will be back ina jiffy.”

Raj closed his eyes thinking of the doctor and her advice ‘Nothing here’, when he heard someone  approaching the chamber.

“Dr. Tara…thanks…” and he was cut short by the face of an elderly woman.

“Who are you? And how did you know my name?” Dr. Tara questioned Raj.

Just when Raj was about to reply doctor got a call.

“Yes…what!!! again she escaped the mental hospital…her pretty looks are deceiving …keep an eye out for her….”

Raj slumped on the chair and smiled to a doctor who was considered mad.

Nothing Here.



Let’s die another day



Let’s die another day when silly sun

lost his lustre to clouds dark in sky

let’s die with sundry guilt and original sin

on acts done and undone in lands far away.

Let’s die another night when silvery moon

renounced her soothing cool for feelings of dearth

let’s die with anger over another man or woman

until we lose ourselves over their life or death.


Till the sun shines with a smile fresh

till the moon rises with a feverish fervour

let us live today with no more rush

breathing in joy and gratitude for the creator.


Let’s sing songs unheard to wind unseen

let’s cast away cross which we never need

let’s run free on sands simple and golden

and dance to tunes of heart that is forever freed.


Let’s die another day.

Under the shadow

Here lives a bird -wise and old- on a tree-top

always singing in his melodious voice,

of things ugly and truthful seen by his eye,

world small and insignificant in this wasteful backdrop.


All other birds closed eyes and heard in dismay

for fear of seeing the ugly truth and to hear

scorching words of bird wise and clear,

thus all lived in unearned  guiilt and unbridled agony.


“Grandpa! look at the moon” gleefully yelled

a young bird to the wise one singing in melancholy

“Child! close your eyes before tears breed

for world is just a green patch -absurd and unholy.”

The young bird smiled and sang a tune of innocence,

of moon resting atop celestial hills unmarked

of stars gleaming under unseen rain of light divine

of life so beautiful with each moment a miracle unnoticed.


Elders closed their ears tighter and the wise one cursed:

“Behold! the devil has come bearing falsehood and conceit,

let’s kill the voice that speaks of beauty never heard

and restore the truth- sad, bitter yet great.”

Thus, a wooden cross made with twigs brown,

and happy bird left to bleed on it -alone under moon.

The bird sang a melodious song about God atop

waiting for him to be seated on His broad lap.

After sometime, the small voice of freedom had gone mute

and wise bird cried about world unfair with sans choice.

“How funny is this show lord!” exclaimed young bird on moon

“They sleep in shadows and blame the serene sun.”


Raju was pacing up and down the long hall in his office. Any observer would have thought that Raju just had a call with aliens and was wondering whether to inform NASA.

“Hey buddy, whats up?” a passing patron enquired.

Raju just stared blankly towards the source of voice and continued to run his fingers thru his hair.

The patron shrugged and a bit dissapointed went on commenting to no in particular about the current mindset of corporate people.

Raju continued to pace his chamber in the evening.

“What’s the matter Mr raju? I observed that you are not here during the call too.” , observed the boss, “Anything on your mind?”

Raju shook his head and replied, “Nothing in particular. Just that today morning I was worrying about something…”


“I forgot the thing I was worrying about.”

Boss was taken aback and gave a high superior sniff.

“Tch Tch , then leave it and go home.”

Raju gave a look one would reserve to a lizard in a dinosaurs meeting.

“But what if its something important.”

“Then you would remember right? Humans remember important stuff.”

“Oh really! Then what about the time when you forgot your marraige anniversary?” shot back Raju vehemently.

“Well well. That’s a one off case….” muttered the boss.

“Well this might be too.”

The boss realised that he is an unwelcome company to Raju and decided to leave him..

“Well worry as much as you like but I am leaving.”

“Sure I will worry till I remember in why I was worrying in first place. But I think you shoould also worry because I slept last night after a call with our UK client.”


“So it maybe that this worry has something to do with a deal which we did recently.”

The boss stopped in his tracks. He looked like a man who was promised a slap-stick comedy but was slapped.

He sat down and tapped the glass table thoughtfully.

Raju continued to pace.

“Any progress my friend?” asked the boss after an hour.

Raju gazed at the city skyline from his floor and shook his head.

“Well think faster, it’s already past my dinner time.” barked the Boss.

“Sorry your highness”, sarcastically replied Raju, “But my brain is not working.”

“Check your tone mister.”,warned the boss.


“What do you mean by ‘Ha’?”

“Just that ha.”

“You better eloborate Raju. I am vexed with your worrying.”

“I was just surprised that after the show of my dedication to work and company, all you is say is check my tone and prescribe strepsils.”

“Dedication? What are you speaking?”

“Dear sir, imagine if I stop about worrying about what I was worrying earlier and it pertains to something about our company.”

Realization dawned on the boss’s face and then he guilt crept for his previous remark on Raju’s tone.

He conitnued to tap the glass and by now glass slept of boredom, while Raju paced the chamber like nobody’s business.

The clock chimed 10PM.

“Raju go home and take rest. You are already stressed. Take leave tomorrow and come back on Monday.” ordered the Boss and crept out of room.


“What happened dear? You look so worried?” remarked Jyothi, Raju’s wife as entered the home.

“I am doomed Jyothi.”

“What is this about?”

“Today morning I was worrying about something and I forgot when I reached office. I was thinking for entire day and still I dont know what I was worrying about.”

Jyothi smiled and brushed the topic as one of her husband’s crazy notions like waves are fat children, moon is actually backside of sun,etc.

She took the lunch box to kitchen and shouted, ” Did you manage to get leave tomorrow? You know we needed to attend the marraige of Ramya.”

This time it’s Raju’s turn for realisation to dawn. He whooped several times and yelled back,

“That’s it!!! I was worrying about how to ask boss for leave and now I got leave without even asking.”


The boss was pacing his bedroom thinking, ‘Poor Raju, such a loyal fellow. It is a very breed nowadays….such dedication to work and compant…..’

Sales Pitch

“Sir” called out a young lad from the morning mist. The morning joggers sniffed at him amd moved on thinking about new policies in the walkers’ park.

“Sir , kindly give me two minutes.” requested the young lad to a slow-paced walker.

Mohan, likes to walk slow. Period.

There is a theory amongst his friends that, if there was a landslide, he would let the debris run over him rather than running.

“To smell the roses or  stinking socks.” preaches Mohan to anyone who asks about his liking slow paced walking.

“Yes young man. What can I do for you?” asked Mohan curiously looking at the strange attire of the young  lad in question.

He wore a bowler hat, bow-tie and pink shoes.

“It’s more of what these two minutes can do for you, sir.” cherrily replied Shyam-the young lad.

“Cut to the chase please.”

“Ok sir, have you ever dreamt of walking on lake?”

“Not particulary, you see lakes are throwing toxic fumes off-late.”

“Er…ever dreamt of flying on broomstick?”

Mohan already irritated by the morning KBC round, snapped, “Nah…I prefer airplanes with seat belts. And whats the point of broom if its not used for cleaning??”


“Listen before you ask other stupid questions about weird walking or flying habits, let me tell you that I prefer walking on solid ground and at a slow pace.” finished Mohan with a look he reserves for Ussain Bolt.

“Bingo!!! You are in a luck sir. For I dont have a broomstick that flies or slippers that float on water. All I have is these shoes that would make you walk slowly.” and he produced a pink colored shoes form the brown bag behind the lamppost (which is in need of repainting.)

Mohan at first closed his eyes in agony and then bulged his eyes in pure surprise that something as heinous as these are produced by humans in current world.

“WOW man thats something man.”

“Yes right…its called duckers.”

“Unbelieveable!!” Mohan muttered still in stupor.

“Yes right!!!” Shyam seconded chirpily, ” And the price is just Rs. 2000.”


“Yes I would say its a good bargain. You can feel it sir, look at the green glitters at the left side that was slashed with red squares.”

Mohan took the shoe and  looked at the mentioned pattern and sighed silently.

“So sir, if you tell your name, I would make the bill and give you free coupon which you can redeem like in next 20mins in a shopping mall at the other end of city.”

“You said something?” Mohan asked coming back to reality. He was still taking time to adjust his sight to things of beauty like butterlfies, crows and roses.

“Your name and mode of payment.”

“And may I ask you the motivation for your sudden curiosity for my name?”

“Well, to make a bill one needs your name.”

“Bill for what?”

“For the duckers sir, the one you are holding in your hands.” replied Shyam a bit perturbed by the slow pace thinking of Mohan.

Mohan smiled and gave back the duckers to Shyam.

“Hard Luck kid.”


“You heard me, I have eyes.”

“But sir, I thought you liked them.”

“Well, you misunderstood me.”

“You were muttering amazing and other superlatives.”

“That’s my reaction when I see antimatter. See you around the block champ.” and Mohan parted the ways with Shyam stil wondering about the makers of those shoes and their inspiration to complete the task till the end.

Shyam shrugged and packed back the duckers into the bag.

“Hey young man.”

“Sorry the shop is closed.”

“I am not here to buy but to make you sell.”

“Apologies sir but I am not in a mood for some more cloberring in morning.”

“Exactly thats my point.”

“Beg your pardon?”

“You see I work with Police and handle interrogation. Currently, I am having tough time in making criminals spill the beans.”

“Why would you want to spill the beans?”

“That’s an expression you dimwit.”

Shyam controlled from my saying that his name is Shyam but went on with dimwit.

“What am I saying? Yes, so I have observed that effect these shoes…”


“Sorry! You said something?”

“No sir, please continue.”

“And I got this idea that of using them in our interrogation.”

Shyam was unable to believe his ears. He was hearing a symphony by Bach and Mozart.

“Give me the full load and how much does it cost?”

“Each pair Rs 2000 sir, with a free coupon that can be redeemed in next 10mins in a shopping mall that is yet to open.”

“Forget the coupon. Give me all the pairs.”

“I just have two pairs sir, the production stopped after that. Workers made claims about their basic human rights or something.”

“I get their point.” smiled the man.


Two weeks later………………


“Well well look who we have here.” beamed the interrogator.

“Whom do we have?” asked Mohan with trepidation. He was arrested on charges of conspirator for a bomb blast (which never happened due to cheap iron quality used in making bomb), for he was the only one who didn’t run when the old man on street pointed at bomb.

“We have you my dear and you have me , the Yama.”

“That’s a weird name to have, Yama.”

“Tut tut , that’s not my name. That’s actually usage of…forget it…tell me about the bomb and it’s relation to you.”

“I dont know anything about the bomb. I always walk slowly, there is this theory that if a landslide….”

“Cut the cud Mr.Mohan. Tell me about the bomb like a good boy else I should be forced to use my weapon.”

“Sir I really dont know about bombs. I was walking back from park ….”

“Well well..if you stick to your story…” slyly smiled interrogator and picked up a bag that is stamped with several skulls and bones.


“No not these things again , please!!!!!! I confess to every crime in world but pleas dont show me these again.”


“Darling everything has a place in this world.” reflected Shyam after seeing the news about the new instrument that arrested a terrorist.

“What are you talking about?” asked Padma who was busy counting the waves.

“It’s all a matter of sales pitch and presentation.”

“Forty two ..forty…you were saying something dear?”



Wings and Horns



” Hey Angel 121, where are you going?” asked God, surprised to see a young angel making her way to the golden gates of heaven.

God had already went thru a lot today, given the way his most loved sons turned out. One went to Earth to bring in a change while the other was banished to eternal damnation.

God felt like a stock trader who invested in his company and realised that the company was not meant to make profits in first place.

Angel turned back with her backpack covering her white wings and took a deep breath.

“Well sir, I am going back to bring back your son.”

God was real pleased with her obedience and loyalty.

“That’s great dear” , he beamed ( well we can guess he beamed, for the white beard covered his face), “But don’t worry about him, Jesus will come back soon. If you can keep a little secret, he actually went to make things lighter down there but he will end up making it real tough. Anyways that’s part of this game…..”

“Er…Sir sorry to interrupt you, but….”

“Yes go on miss, dont let this Good old God stop you.”

“I am actually going for your other son, Lucifer. I felt if he was shown the right path, he can come back here.” she finished with trepidation and a touch of pride.

God sighed and got down from the chestnut sofa.

“Dear, I know what’s going on in your sweet mind of yours. But trust me, you can’t help him. He need to break his own horns and sprout his own wings.”

Angel who prepared for the trip and dreamt about Lucifer washing her feet with tears of gratitude, shook her head.

“Pardon me sir, but I think you gave up on him too early and easily. Let me go and bring him back at once.” she bowed and walked down the glittery path of hell.

God smiled (his usual mysterious one) and sat back on the chestnut sofa while the cherubs were busy composing songs.

” Hey Lucifer, you there?” shouted Angel from outside the dark cave. Apparently, light and darkness had a fight over who should stay in hell and darkness one by a mere margin.

“Yea in here, who is that?” answered a cheery voice from within.

“It’s me sir, angel from your erstwhile home.” gladly replied Angel for her master Jr. voice was real sweet. Legend had it that Lucifer was awarded best singer for three hundred years consecutively.

“Did dad send you?” he shouted back.

“No sir, I came here by myself.”

“Oh great! How sweet of you angel..”

“121 sir.”

“Yea come on in, I am almost done with my cooking.”

Angel tried to enter the cave and a crazy sword popped from thin air.

“Oops sorry, you need to leave your wings outside before entering as they kind of get in-between the things here.” shouted Lucifer from the kitchen.

Angel 121 shuddered at the thought of undecking her wings but thought of the mission and entered the cave sans wings.

“So tell me angel, what brings you here?” asked Lucifer after he served tea to angel.

Angel leaned forward towards Lucifer and replied, “Sir I know deep within you are good. Let me help you to get back to heaven.”

Lucifer took her hands in his and pressed gently.

“You are right angel, I want to be back in heaven with all those white clouds and light.”

“Great!!! I knew it , come let’s go right away, your father will be so happy and so wrong for once.”

Lucifer chuckled sadly , “I would love to come, but I have some things here that I want to do. Can we stay for two more weeks and then we will be off?”

Angel hesitated but then thought, all for a good reason and nodded her head.

“Er…Angel is it a yes or no?”

“Yes sir, I nodded my head. Oops it’s dark here so gestures are of no big use.”

“Sir, my head is aching from last night. Can you please check?” angel requested Lucifer after two weeks.

“Nothing to bother, young angel. You are growing horns and I should say it’s about time.” cheerily replied Lucifer.

“But why do we need horns?”

“Just for fun. Actually they are useless but this is hell and that’s what we love.”

“Er sir, It’s been two weeks, can we go now?” Angel queried hesitantly.

“Sure thing, let me pack my bag and we will off.  Crazy how time flies…”

“Yea sure, it is..”

“I felt it’s just a minute back you came here…”

“Yea I felt it’s been twenty years….but then time is relative…”

“Right ho! I heard that funny haired scientist say  same thing. Funny thing to say if you ask me, I mean its relative to whom and what’s the relation? Like cousin or …”

“Ok shall we get going?” Angel asked irritated by Lucifer monologues. If she realised something about Lucifer it’s that he is a boring loser who speaks about all things he don’t have and scorns at all things he have.

“Yea, sure thing Angel 121, just give me a second. Let me go back to my bedroom and get something in a jiffy.”

Angel felt her horns and sensed the disproportion and weird shapes of them. She was really vexed by the pointlessness of hell. For example, mirrors are installed all around the cave but of no use since there is no light to see a thing. Or those ships that are parked at the garage for a cruise which can never happen for Lucifer doesn’t know how to ride one and her offer to help her made him weep about how fishes are more blessed than him.

Angel realised that hell is nothing but an opposite of heaven. Basically, hell is a junk yard which Lucifer thinks is a house – no purpose no beauty. Period.

“Sir it’s been a week since you said ‘jiffy’. Could you please come.”

No response.

With trepidation angel turned the doorknob and entered the bedroom and WHAM!!  a surfboard hit her squarely on her face.

She rubbed her horns and tried to locate Lucifer in darkness.

Then she heard the worst sound that ever reached her ears. Remember that she had gone thru a concert of Vogons but the snore of Lucifer was horrible than that.

“Welcome Back Angel121. How was the trip?” asked God with his mysterious smile and eyes hovering over her black-eye.

“Well as you know from beginning , it’s pointless and snobbish.” replied Angel with tears in her eyes. She still feels pain where horns grew.

“The pain dies soon dear. The horns are gone but your habit of feeling their bad shape should go too. Go and  freshen up in the white light shower. Jesus is back and I am planning up on throwing up a party and I am in real need of skilled wings.”

“Er…God”, hesitated Angel 121,, “Is there no redemption for Lucifer? Is it eternal damnation and his soul blackened in forever?”

“Whoa! those are big words my dear. Definetly there is.”

“When? How?”

God gave one of his mysterious smiles (the only kind he has) and replied, “One need to cut their own horns and sprout their own wings.”




“That’s the end of my dream teacher.” finished John his speech on the topic , ‘My dreams’.

“John what you said is wrong in so many fronts.” yelled teacher.


“You need examples, well how about God sitting on chestnut sofa and Lucifer quoting Einstein!!!! Now get back to your bench and next time better talk sense.”




Now Showing

“Past is gold Shiva, those good old days…” sighed Rajesh.

Rajesh  met Shiva after a span of four years. They both had done MBA from same institute- Clark Punctuation College.

“What fun we used to have man…remember marketing classes…” sadly smiled Rajesh- who is currently working as Sales Executive of ACFQ Bank.

“Not much mate, I don’t remember exactly…I  know studies were fun just as my corporate life.” replied Shiva sipping black coffee.

“Man!! How can you say that?…Past is gold Shiva, those good old days where we are as free as  annual party for the top customers.”

“Yes those are good days just as now.”

“Come on Shiva, did you hear yourself!!!!”

“Yep , I think that’s how our body works…we hear everything we say.”

“C-” snapped Rajesh smiling.

“Yea…I agree, that’s a bad joke.”

“Anyways , what do you find interesting in this plastic world. The targets, where dog eats dog…the VUCA world…..where to survive we need to be top and to be top we need to pile dead bodies and stand on them….” Rajesh paused to take a deep breath.

Shiva hummed one of his favorite song, “Dude let’s go to movies…my favorite hero’s movie is there nearby.”

“Yes man, let’s go . I heard it’s marvellous” Rajesh smiled wickedly.

“Yep I heard the same.”


“Wow man…what a movie!!!”

“Exactly the climax is killer….just loved it.”

“Let’s go again.” suggested Shiva.

“Whoa! hold your horses buddy…we have just seen the movie.”

“Yea and we loved it. So let’s go again.”

“Are you insane? Who would go for same movie twice and that too continuously?”

Shiva sighed and replied, ” Ok let’s sit and talk about the movie for rest of the evening.”


“Yep… we will discuss each dialogue, each song and how we laughed and cried.”

“Hey man, did this corporate world made you mad!! In college you were a bit conk but this is madness in it’s full glory.”

Shiva laughed and Rajesh joined in.

“Alas my friend! I should give the same diagnosis of you.”

“Hello, it’s you who suggested a second show of same movie not me.”

“Think twice. Was it not you who was dwelling on movie, the college days. and wished you lived there forever.”

Rajesh stopped in his tracks and looked at Shiva.

An old man from back bumped into him.

“Youth these days…they have no purpose other than stopping midway or eating in subway.”

Shiva smiled and moved on.

“Shiva what do you mean?”

“Exactly what you are thinking. You are stuck in past buddy. I agree college days were good and childhood was fun, but we need to live in now. Just because one movies is good , we don’t watch just that throughout life or keep talking about that movie for eons.”

“Yea but, what if movie is not good…the one we currently watching.”

“You bought the ticket, you chose this movie amongst the many that are now showing. If you always walk out of that screen and go to another.”


Rajesh and Shiva walked in silence to Subway.

“See as I told, youth in Subway.” snapped old man munching his sub.

“But grandpa, you are also eating here.” observed his grandson.

“I have diabetes.” he replied and went to sip the coke.

After they both sat , Rajesh took a deep breath.

“Thanks Shiva, you gave that jolt and got me back to my life. How generous of you to help me.”

“Dude you are missing the point again. I love my movie so I did this for my own joy.”

Rajesh sipped the drink calmly observing the bubbles travelling up from brown mundanesss.

“It was fun meeting you man. God willing, let’s catch up some other time.”

“Actually it’s your movie, so if you are willing you will meet me.” replied Shiva boarding the cab.

“You mean to say there is no God or His famous Will!!!!”

“Hold the question in mind and save it for next time.” winked Shiva and the cab took off into an array of red-white lights.

Rajesh shouted, “Now Showing- Rajesh – The salesman.”