Calling of Wild


Here I stand, bridge of time immemorial

One side are people and their rules

Other, unbarred trees and unbridled call

Both within the grasp of my tiny hands.


People I choose, will be no bother

For everyday will be another day

Ways of civility and politeness gentle

Within corrupted by worms of malice.


Wilderness is pure and untouched by many

Where I can stay with me and thoughts of mine

Unburied by claims of my soul uncanny

Nor the fear of displeasing sundry mire.


I feel my satchel weighing me down

Pressing to go back to people dear.

Souls to which I owe gratitude unworn

And dreams to fulfil in future near.


“Go my child, away from unscathed me

But remember you shall be back with thy mother

Sooner than your mind counted time”.

Whispered the wild wind in my ear.


I tug my satchel and walk to this world back

With a promise seared on my soul to unpack.


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