Feather ‘lite’

tions of I………..
Here was once a peacock and it has many feathers ,so beautiful , magnificent and lustrous.But,alas! most of them were lazy and sluggish.They never wanted to fly high,they just wanted to fly about 2-3ft high.If a parrot or pigeon feathers asked them”Why aren’t you flying high?you all are more long and strong than us”.The peacock  feathers invariably shrug and say,”we’re not interested in this ephemeral whims…go off you bunch of   brazen brats ” Pigeon or parrot flies and peacock feathers look at them with envy…..except for one which look at them in awe and glow.That one feather had one wish to live at top of the world and that’s final.
It discussed with it’s peers ,they smacked it;suggested to elders they looked at it askance and finally asked the I in It and I smiled.
The day came all feathers contracted and expanded lazily to lift the mast(peacock) just above the ground…for the sake of flying.The It contracted more and expanded more than the rest and WHAM!!!!! It fell down on ground gliding so glibly.Those feathers which were taking rest saw It and scorned “see you muck this is what happens if you breach the code of sloth …inferno is for you”.It smiled in response.
When the feathers contracted and landed,in that instance,a blue beautiful hand lifted It and caressed it lovingly.He stuck that lonely feather in His long dark tresses and It shone brilliantly on top of His curls.
It and He smiled.
“Krishna,why did you fasten this feather to your head .Are you insane?” asked rest of cowherds,who were accompanying Lord Sri Krishna.Krishna smiled and It danced.

Time went by with it’s torrents and showers.
Kurushetra battle had begun and arjuna was in no mood to fight his own kith and kin.Krishna preached arjuna ,”o partha! listen to god within for that’s The truth and do the act you will……….and so on.
It which was decked on Krishna’s head for all these years realized that It has been perched for all the time on I in It .
Krishna in later stage of preaching showed His viswaropam and ther the feather stood majestic on TOP OF THE WORLDS.
It realized It’s wish…nay..I ‘s WILL.
Thus all feathers are light but only few bask in ‘the light’ and live ‘the light’.
So ‘tion,
A light feather or the feather of LIGHT
slug and safe or WILL and LIVE!!be0c3e977b5e0f6ad910ede7f2e3dc49_bulk-sms-blue-feather-clipart_1000-800.jpeg


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