The Story of a stranger



“I want day forever.” cried Shyam to the city. He sat at the mouth of an old fort, under-seeing the city-a usual one -noisy, loud and crowded.

He woke up and realised that he was on earth and not on his planet Pluto (Scientists may sneer at me, but Pluto is a planet), he felt the warmth of sun- which was nothing but a speck of dream at his home planet.

He hooted at people who looked similar to him- two eyes , two nostrils and other typical human body. They guffawed at his back and maintained distance.

“Lookup comrade!!”, he pointed at the sky to every passerby, “The sun is so close and is showering it’s warmth on us for free!!!.”

Few looked curiously at his attire and abnormally long fingers, while others just walked past as if he was part of sewer running relentlessly on roads and needs to be avoided.

He was unable to decipher the reaction of earth-people. Back in his planet (Yes, Pluto!) people would be willing to leave everything behind for just a minute of sunlight.

He found it strange that people were actually putting efforts to avooid sun’s warmth and cocoon themselves in strange rectangle things balanced on circles. He couldn’t believe his ears when he heard a student wished, “I was in Pluto or some place where this ghastly sun is far away.”

Yet, he walked barefoot joyously and smiling at sun once a while to assure him-self that is sun is present for real.

The day passed (as most of the things do) and sun went back behind the curtains of black satin with white flakes.

Shyam (that’s his real name, yes he is from Pluto) couldn’t believe his eyes. He climbed to the top of hill to find  sun in old fort, as advised by few giggling girls and all he found was darkness enveloping him.

“I want day forever.” he cried to unbothered city and a street dog rolling behind the fort’s wall.

“I want day forever.” he repeated with sorrow and tears.

“I want a piece of moon.” shouted a teenager from inside the old fort.

Shyam perplexed, went inside and found a young man (yellow tshirt – blue jeans- unkempt hair) painting alphabets on the crumbling wall.

“What did you say?” asked Shyam to the busy boy.

Boy kept down the paint brushes and moved back to have one last look at his piece of art.

“I said I want a piece of moon.”, answered teenager once he was satisfied with his work. He started to pack his stuff into a tattered brown satchel.

Shyam stood at the entrance of fort (which was protected by hundreds of soldiers ages ago), gazing at the spot where sun was smiling few hours back.

He saw the boy walking past him into the city where people read books, eat food and rarely bother about sky .

“But why? Why can’t I have day always?” he yelled after the yellow spot.

The boy turned back and hollered thru the wild wind, “Look into the fort.” and went into mundane mouth.

Shyam went near the painting and there were three words, ultimate answer to life, universe and everything (better than 42!!):

Life is Such.

Shyam gazed at the sky and for first time felt warmth of stars that were many (they are suns somewhere else) and felt warmth of sun thru the pure white moon.

He laughed like a hyena that looked at it’s own obscure body, with tears flowing down his ears (that’s where we differ from Pluto folk!!).

“I enjoyed day, now let me enjoy night and then day and then it goes on.”

“BOW BOW” agreed the saintly dog rubbing it’s nose into the dirt.

“Life is such.” he bellowed to city covered with snores and sloth.

“BOW BOW BOW” cheered the mongrel.

(On details why and how he came to Earth, well, if I tell that he is no longer a stranger.)


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