Kite and a branch




Sun rose fresh and old , with  orange glow

wise and innocent of the goings in nether world.

Gusty wind left a kite with a branch in morning’s dew,

decked with ribbons blue on face diamond.


Branch green and brown, fell in love with damsel

gifted by the skies blue and wind colorless.

He gaped at her beautiful form unique and fragile

with dreams of flight and spent night sleepless.


Kite, loved the branch for his stronghold on world

which she never touched with her foot soft,

she envied the ownership of his on the mud

and the way people rest under his shade great.


“O dear diamond! do narrate the stories from sky

which you so gracefully wander with no bother,

while men and me perish on this glutton, dry

with hopes in eyes for a life such as your'”


Thus Kite narrated tales from far and wide,

always staring at the roots beneath of her companion,

she described mountains wide, seas loud and clouds white

of forests’ laughter, rivers’ wails and God’s myriad creation.


A tug was felt by kite one night moonless,

and kite fell into silence with fear in her eyes.

“What is bothering you my love, name it

and I shall make the fear never again visit.”


Kite smiled wanly and started to speak:

“Thank you for your love, my dearest,

alas, time has come for this pearl to drift,

as I hear my master beckoning to join his quest.”


Branch wailed to the staring owls and night silent

“Can’t you stay here forever and sing your stories

while I show you the life of happy settlement?

Just you and me ,with no bother of any masters?”


Kite in muffled voice shook her diamond head,

“My heart is and always will be my master,

worry not my dear, for we part now to meet later

either in this world or in skies infinitely grand.”


Sun rose fresh and old , with  orange glow

wise and innocent of the goings in nether world.

Gusty wind took away a twig of brown wood,

into infinite skies to meet the  diamond -ever floating.


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