Walk In Wilderness


"Come, I take you to the wilderness
a walk worth going, out of mundaness.
Here you won't feel bored or sober
for everything you witness is more than mere matter.
Can you see the free creepers twining tree,
shrubs of varied sizes with flowers in growing spree.
Look here! the path not yet touched nor laid
you stop here to decide your future world.

Are you ready to play a game of deck
pick a card and will your luck?"

"Come, I lead you thro' mundaness
everything safe and sans any progress.
Here you be rather than live in boredom
yet you are safe always in restricted freedom.
Can you see the glass palace where you stay
everything to your lotus feet,without setting any hay.

Are you wanting to be an adorable doll
decked with gold, but always others' playing pal?"

These were the questions mind tossed on me
to make a decision and set life's tide.
Ah! choices worth thinking and brooding
I to decide between being or living.

Dazzling riches, brilliant buildings and far fames
stood in front of me, attempting to change my games.
Can they? Never, for I made the choice
to WALK IN WILDERNESS of mine, end of noise.

"I am responsible" shout I from heart's depth
and take this never trudged, trees-sprawled path.

Mocking the grass maybe , still I go further
majestic, happy and smiling as I have no bother.
The path apparently blocked with branches and boughs dense
but never shall I feel unrequited guilt or remorse,
for I decided to WALK IN WILDERNESS now
so, I will march on and find the way-how.

"You may die, my dear on unseen battlefield,here
and none may recognize your supreme bravery and valour."
whispered my mind in an affectionate tone
another futile trick to make me dull and wane.

I smiled at mind, truly a monkey drunken
and reply with gusto as my lovely token,
"I has no end for I is the supreme ONE
thus, fame is not for I- one beyond time zone
this world ends when I will to tie the loose end'
at the horizon of this path- free and wild."

Mind ecstatic recedes into golden silence
while I walk in wilderness whistling a lover's tune.
'Now I may walk amongst scathing stones and boulders
but soon I shall reach the promised land splendorous.'




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