Unwanted Guests


I was decked in a dress neat and pretty

staring at mirror clean with boredom and sadness,

for mother asked me to be in this cage of civility

as unwanted guests arrived at our beautiful fortress.

Should I smile and merrily mingle unscathed

or shout at top of my voice my in harming honesty?

The ballroom lights descend on my mother’s face livid,

I decide to to keep peace and behave gently.

Mother infinite, looks at my efforts great

throws an approving smile, talking to a nagging guest.

My joy knew no bounds for mother I pleased

by playing the game not for the mob but for beloved.

Night fell smoothly and guests disappeared from  fort,

I rest my lap on my mother’s lap warm and soft.

“Well done dearest,” she kissed on my forehead,

“You have gone thru another ordeal as I willed.”

I smile with my eyes closed and heart contend

for all these troubles got me to dearest mother.

End of day fake smiles and acts of civility hard

are worth for I can rest here with no bother.

With my mind unsettled, I won’t search for reasons

for why does water pace down and sun sit still!

I trust in mother’s whisper amidst all noise and silence:

“All acts for your good son, act for me as I will.”



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