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“Past is gold Shiva, those good old days…” sighed Rajesh.

Rajesh  met Shiva after a span of four years. They both had done MBA from same institute- Clark Punctuation College.

“What fun we used to have man…remember marketing classes…” sadly smiled Rajesh- who is currently working as Sales Executive of ACFQ Bank.

“Not much mate, I don’t remember exactly…I  know studies were fun just as my corporate life.” replied Shiva sipping black coffee.

“Man!! How can you say that?…Past is gold Shiva, those good old days where we are as free as  annual party for the top customers.”

“Yes those are good days just as now.”

“Come on Shiva, did you hear yourself!!!!”

“Yep , I think that’s how our body works…we hear everything we say.”

“C-” snapped Rajesh smiling.

“Yea…I agree, that’s a bad joke.”

“Anyways , what do you find interesting in this plastic world. The targets, where dog eats dog…the VUCA world…..where to survive we need to be top and to be top we need to pile dead bodies and stand on them….” Rajesh paused to take a deep breath.

Shiva hummed one of his favorite song, “Dude let’s go to movies…my favorite hero’s movie is there nearby.”

“Yes man, let’s go . I heard it’s marvellous” Rajesh smiled wickedly.

“Yep I heard the same.”


“Wow man…what a movie!!!”

“Exactly the climax is killer….just loved it.”

“Let’s go again.” suggested Shiva.

“Whoa! hold your horses buddy…we have just seen the movie.”

“Yea and we loved it. So let’s go again.”

“Are you insane? Who would go for same movie twice and that too continuously?”

Shiva sighed and replied, ” Ok let’s sit and talk about the movie for rest of the evening.”


“Yep… we will discuss each dialogue, each song and how we laughed and cried.”

“Hey man, did this corporate world made you mad!! In college you were a bit conk but this is madness in it’s full glory.”

Shiva laughed and Rajesh joined in.

“Alas my friend! I should give the same diagnosis of you.”

“Hello, it’s you who suggested a second show of same movie not me.”

“Think twice. Was it not you who was dwelling on movie, the college days. and wished you lived there forever.”

Rajesh stopped in his tracks and looked at Shiva.

An old man from back bumped into him.

“Youth these days…they have no purpose other than stopping midway or eating in subway.”

Shiva smiled and moved on.

“Shiva what do you mean?”

“Exactly what you are thinking. You are stuck in past buddy. I agree college days were good and childhood was fun, but we need to live in now. Just because one movies is good , we don’t watch just that throughout life or keep talking about that movie for eons.”

“Yea but, what if movie is not good…the one we currently watching.”

“You bought the ticket, you chose this movie amongst the many that are now showing. If you always walk out of that screen and go to another.”


Rajesh and Shiva walked in silence to Subway.

“See as I told, youth in Subway.” snapped old man munching his sub.

“But grandpa, you are also eating here.” observed his grandson.

“I have diabetes.” he replied and went to sip the coke.

After they both sat , Rajesh took a deep breath.

“Thanks Shiva, you gave that jolt and got me back to my life. How generous of you to help me.”

“Dude you are missing the point again. I love my movie so I did this for my own joy.”

Rajesh sipped the drink calmly observing the bubbles travelling up from brown mundanesss.

“It was fun meeting you man. God willing, let’s catch up some other time.”

“Actually it’s your movie, so if you are willing you will meet me.” replied Shiva boarding the cab.

“You mean to say there is no God or His famous Will!!!!”

“Hold the question in mind and save it for next time.” winked Shiva and the cab took off into an array of red-white lights.

Rajesh shouted, “Now Showing- Rajesh – The salesman.”



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