Raju was pacing up and down the long hall in his office. Any observer would have thought that Raju just had a call with aliens and was wondering whether to inform NASA.

“Hey buddy, whats up?” a passing patron enquired.

Raju just stared blankly towards the source of voice and continued to run his fingers thru his hair.

The patron shrugged and a bit dissapointed went on commenting to no in particular about the current mindset of corporate people.

Raju continued to pace his chamber in the evening.

“What’s the matter Mr raju? I observed that you are not here during the call too.” , observed the boss, “Anything on your mind?”

Raju shook his head and replied, “Nothing in particular. Just that today morning I was worrying about something…”


“I forgot the thing I was worrying about.”

Boss was taken aback and gave a high superior sniff.

“Tch Tch , then leave it and go home.”

Raju gave a look one would reserve to a lizard in a dinosaurs meeting.

“But what if its something important.”

“Then you would remember right? Humans remember important stuff.”

“Oh really! Then what about the time when you forgot your marraige anniversary?” shot back Raju vehemently.

“Well well. That’s a one off case….” muttered the boss.

“Well this might be too.”

The boss realised that he is an unwelcome company to Raju and decided to leave him..

“Well worry as much as you like but I am leaving.”

“Sure I will worry till I remember in why I was worrying in first place. But I think you shoould also worry because I slept last night after a call with our UK client.”


“So it maybe that this worry has something to do with a deal which we did recently.”

The boss stopped in his tracks. He looked like a man who was promised a slap-stick comedy but was slapped.

He sat down and tapped the glass table thoughtfully.

Raju continued to pace.

“Any progress my friend?” asked the boss after an hour.

Raju gazed at the city skyline from his floor and shook his head.

“Well think faster, it’s already past my dinner time.” barked the Boss.

“Sorry your highness”, sarcastically replied Raju, “But my brain is not working.”

“Check your tone mister.”,warned the boss.


“What do you mean by ‘Ha’?”

“Just that ha.”

“You better eloborate Raju. I am vexed with your worrying.”

“I was just surprised that after the show of my dedication to work and company, all you is say is check my tone and prescribe strepsils.”

“Dedication? What are you speaking?”

“Dear sir, imagine if I stop about worrying about what I was worrying earlier and it pertains to something about our company.”

Realization dawned on the boss’s face and then he guilt crept for his previous remark on Raju’s tone.

He conitnued to tap the glass and by now glass slept of boredom, while Raju paced the chamber like nobody’s business.

The clock chimed 10PM.

“Raju go home and take rest. You are already stressed. Take leave tomorrow and come back on Monday.” ordered the Boss and crept out of room.


“What happened dear? You look so worried?” remarked Jyothi, Raju’s wife as entered the home.

“I am doomed Jyothi.”

“What is this about?”

“Today morning I was worrying about something and I forgot when I reached office. I was thinking for entire day and still I dont know what I was worrying about.”

Jyothi smiled and brushed the topic as one of her husband’s crazy notions like waves are fat children, moon is actually backside of sun,etc.

She took the lunch box to kitchen and shouted, ” Did you manage to get leave tomorrow? You know we needed to attend the marraige of Ramya.”

This time it’s Raju’s turn for realisation to dawn. He whooped several times and yelled back,

“That’s it!!! I was worrying about how to ask boss for leave and now I got leave without even asking.”


The boss was pacing his bedroom thinking, ‘Poor Raju, such a loyal fellow. It is a very breed nowadays….such dedication to work and compant…..’


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